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New Creative City of Music by UNESCO
New Creative City of Music by UNESCO

Music is a fundamental part of Llíria’s cultural identity, and the city is internationally recognized for its music scene. The city has a long musical history dating back to the 3rd century BC. Over time, the city has developed its musical reputation and continues to boost its music industry by dedicating about $ 2.3 million annually, which is 10.38% of the city’s budget, to its continued growth. Llíria has four centers where official music studies are offered.

On the one hand, the prestigious private schools Banda Primitiva and Unió Musical provide elementary music training. In 1997 a significant educational initiative took place, which was a pioneer at the national level: the creation of the first teaching centre in Spain that integrated music into primary studies, the CIEM Unió Musical. The professional level is taught at the public Conservatory. During the last 25 years, this institution has trained more than 3,000 students (53% women).  This article is an except from www.CitiesOfMusic.net


València has more musical societies than any other Spanish city, which goes some way towards explaining its vast array of cultural centres and live music venues.

The Palau de les Arts Reina Sofía, situated in the City of Arts and Sciences, hosts València’s opera and is also home to the region’s orchestra. Its stage has been graced by operatic greats, including Zubin Metha and Placido Domingo, from whom the Centro de Perfeccionamiento takes its name, having recreated works of iconic composers such as Beethoven and Wagner.

The Palau de la Música is another of the city’s foremost classical music venues, offering a wide range of cultural activities, in addition to congresses, exhibitions, shows and cinema screenings.

València has a special connection with Boston thanks to Berklee, a music school from the American city that has led the sector for four decades. It not only provides world-class training but also organizes various productions throughout the year.

The region is renowned for its music festivals, some of which are held in the capital itself. Such events include the Festival of Arts, it has hosted big names such as The Vaccines, in addition to the more intimate Deleste festival, previously held in La Rambleta, but recently relocated to the Carmen Centre in the heart of the historic quarter.

València is also home to a host of intimate music venues, where you can catch the live rock, flamenco, electronic and indie music. They are the perfect place to find local musical talent. Live music hotspots include Matisse, Wah Wah, Loco Club, Black Note and George Best. There’s even room for jazz at venues such as Jimmy Glass, whilst classical serenade performances are organized periodically by La Nau.  This article is an except from www.VisitValencia.com

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